Snow Day on some Kodak DoubleX 5222 ……

At the beginning of this month we managed to get a bit of snow here in the South Wales valleys, just enough to get me a day off work so as not to waste the day off I went for quite a long walk with my Nikon F100 loaded with some Kodak DoubleX which I had shot a roll of a while back and was pretty happy with how the film looked, nice grain/contrast while also giving a good tonal range.

When I shot it previously I developed it in Rodinal so this time I went with ilfotecHC at 1+49 dilution for 7 minutes as I rated the film at iso 200.

I was far happier with the result this time as the grain was far smoother while still giving great contrast and tones, only on a few frames did I slightly blow out some highlights as I was over exposing by at least one stop for most of the images due to the snow coverage.

Anyway I have to say that even though this is only the 2nd roll of this I have tried I really, really like it and will be definitely buying some more.

So here is a selection of the images ….

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Snow day …… part one

In the past couple of weeks we have had a few days of quite heavy snow … the images here are from our 1st encounter with the “Beast from the East”.

The camera/film combination were Mamiya 645 & Fuji Acros 100 and Yashicamat 124G on expired ilford FP4+

The subject matter for both sets of images are mostly the same so that you can make some sort of comparison of the 2 different films.

Firstly the Mamiya 645/Acros :












Next a few from the Yashicamat/FP4+






Both films worked well exposure wise with all the snow with the Acros probably coming out on top sharpness wise but considering the FP4+ was long expired it also looked pretty good.

After this snowfall cleared up we experienced another un-seasonal snow storm last weekend which will follow in the next blog post … this time with colour negative stock.

Anyway thanks for looking ….

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All images on my blog are available as prints just drop me an email

I also have a film only blog over at if you want a peek 🙂

Snow comes to the Valley…………

The weather forecast was for snow to arrive here in South Wales around 10am on Saturday and they were not wrong, it snowed until late afternoon when sadly it turned to rain but as it was still extremely cold overnight most of the remaining snow has turned to ice.

Because it was snowing while we went out for a walk I didn’t really want to take my DSLR so used my trusty Olympus E-PL1 and as it is always in my pocket my iPhone4 using Hipstamatic.

The iPhone shots used the combination of the James M lens with Ina’s 1969 film.

While the Olympus was set to Pinhole mode and the emulsion frame effect was added in Photoshop.


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