Snow Day on some Kodak DoubleX 5222 ……

At the beginning of this month we managed to get a bit of snow here in the South Wales valleys, just enough to get me a day off work so as not to waste the day off I went for quite a long walk with my Nikon F100 loaded with some Kodak DoubleX which I had shot a roll of a while back and was pretty happy with how the film looked, nice grain/contrast while also giving a good tonal range.

When I shot it previously I developed it in Rodinal so this time I went with ilfotecHC at 1+49 dilution for 7 minutes as I rated the film at iso 200.

I was far happier with the result this time as the grain was far smoother while still giving great contrast and tones, only on a few frames did I slightly blow out some highlights as I was over exposing by at least one stop for most of the images due to the snow coverage.

Anyway I have to say that even though this is only the 2nd roll of this I have tried I really, really like it and will be definitely buying some more.

So here is a selection of the images ….

Please click a photo to view larger

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