Merlin Maddock’s Workshop…….

D600A-0396-EditMy friend and neighbour Merlin has a huge challenge/project going on for the last couple of months to attempt to build a replica of a plane built in about 1904 here in the Garw valley.

D600A-0385-EditI have had the pleasure of trying to document the building of the said plane as the project has been progressing. Sadly Merlin’s health has slowed him up greatly but his determination is a pleasure to witness.D600A-0401-EditI love popping next door to his workshop and exploring all his quirky, interesting pieces dotted about.D600A-0393-Edit-2Hopefully this project will see the light next year and I will be there to see the finale 🙂

D600A-0411-EditThanks for looking…. comments welcomed

4 thoughts on “Merlin Maddock’s Workshop…….”

  1. Christopher Carlyon was my husband’s grandfather’s brother if you can follow that – Brian Carlyon. His grandfather was Ernest Carlyon, Christopher’s brother. How is Merlin doing with this project. We would love to meet him. Sue and Brian

  2. We had the pleasure of meeting Merlin at his workshop in 2010 – he autographed his book “Whilst The Valley Sang 1900 -1914” A charming man with an incredibly inventive mind. We now wonder what has happened to his workshop and all the products of his life – did he ever get them transferred to a museum – we would love to see them again?

  3. How we as family miss Merlin so very much. His next of kin are his daughters who sadly I don’t know. I too often wonder what happened to all Merlins inventions. We love so much of the wood work he did. But his best blag of all was his ‘mummy under the stairs’. A true eccentric. Loved and missed. X

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