Testing some Kodak 5325 Commercial Internegative film …..

I was kindly given a roll of Kodak 5325 a while back from a fellow Twitter photographer which I had forgotten about until I came across it the other week and after a little bit of research on the interwebs I realised that I could process it myself as it was C41 so I went out on a lovely bright day with my Pentax Program A and gave it a try.

Kodak  internegative is supposed to make color negative copies of slides for reproduction also I was led to believe that it may even be Tungsten balanced and an iso rating of 8-50 ish depending on lighting conditions.

I decided against any filters and shot half the roll at iso 25 and the rest at 50 just to see what came out.

The first thing that I noticed was a very strong “Light Leak” which  I initially believed may have been my camera but after messaging my film donor he said that a few of the rolls that he tried came out similarly to mine so I breathed a sigh of relief that my trusty Pentax was fine ( I shot another roll of Fuji 200 to test the next day)

The images with the light leak were very pleasing I actually like the look and I don’t think they spoil the images.

There was quite a varied colour cast throughout the roll and some frames were a lot cooler than others which I thought was the different iso settings but that was not the case as they were mixed through the roll and I shot the 1st 10 images at 25 followed by 50 iso for the remainder.

I could have colour balanced all the images in Lightroom but decided to just leave them as they were.

If I get any more of this film I would definitely shoot it at 25 iso or less as all the original scans were slightly underexposed which was sorted in Lightroom.

Please click a photo to view larger

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