1st time shooting the new Kodak TMax P3200 …..

A couple of weeks back I managed to get some of the new Kodak Ektachrome when it arrived here in the UK along with some of the new Kodak TMax P3200.

I have yet to shoot the Ektachrome but did manage to put a roll of the P3200 through my Nikon F100 which I shot at 3200 iso .

I developed it with ilfotecHC 1+31 dilution for 11.30 mins.

I will shoot the next roll at either 800 or 1600 to compare the results.

I have previously shot well expired P3200 and I was looking forward to seeing how the new emulsion compared.

See links for blog posts ….

Post 1

Post 2

Overall I was pretty pleased with the photos which seemed to give pretty sharp images (most shot at f8/11) and the grain didn’t seem to hinder the look unlike when I have shot Delta 3200 where I could never seem to get many shots that I was happy with.

I will have to buy some more Delta 3200 and do some similar tests as maybe I am giving the film a disservice.

Anyway here is a selection of frames which were shot on a very overcast day ….

Please click a photo to view larger

All images on my blog are available as prints just drop me an email

I also have a film only blog over at  usingfilm.wordpress.com if you want a peek 🙂

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