1st time shooting the new Kodak TMax P3200 …..

A couple of weeks back I managed to get some of the new Kodak Ektachrome when it arrived here in the UK along with some of the new Kodak TMax P3200.

I have yet to shoot the Ektachrome but did manage to put a roll of the P3200 through my Nikon F100 which I shot at 3200 iso .

I developed it with ilfotecHC 1+31 dilution for 11.30 mins.

I will shoot the next roll at either 800 or 1600 to compare the results.

I have previously shot well expired P3200 and I was looking forward to seeing how the new emulsion compared.

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Overall I was pretty pleased with the photos which seemed to give pretty sharp images (most shot at f8/11) and the grain didn’t seem to hinder the look unlike when I have shot Delta 3200 where I could never seem to get many shots that I was happy with.

I will have to buy some more Delta 3200 and do some similar tests as maybe I am giving the film a disservice.

Anyway here is a selection of frames which were shot on a very overcast day ….

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Kodak T-Max 3200 @1600………

Nikon FM2n - T-Max 3200@1600 -  img024I was given a couple of rolls of Kodak T-max 3200 a while back and after reading up on the internet that the true iso is closer to 1000-1200 iso I thought I would shoot a roll at 1600 to hopefully minimise the grain.

Nikon FM2n - T-Max 3200@1600 -  img029Yesterday was a pretty bright day so shooting outside at 1600 iso required some pretty high shutter speeds especially when I tried to open the Aperture a bit for some shallow DOF shots but my Nikon FM2n can shoot up to 4000 sec.

Nikon FM2n - T-Max 3200@1600 -  img028I developed the film in my new ilfotec HC developer and was well happy with the results.

I have shot ilford Delta 3200 at the rated speed and found the grain and contrast to be a little to strong for my taste (and I love contrasty images) so the results here were very pleasing.

Nikon FM2n - T-Max 3200@1600 -  img022Plenty of shadow detail and the highlights seemed pretty good to.

I will try my ilford 3200 at 1600 next time and compare the results I suspect that they will be very similar and as Kodak have stopped T-Max 3200 ilford is the way to go.

Nikon FM2n - T-Max 3200@1600 -  img027newThanks for looking ……. ps

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Kodak T-Max 3200 on a Sunny Afternoon………..

A few days ago a fellow photographer gave me a load of different types of film of which were a couple of rolls of Kodak T-Max 3200.

Eager to try this film out and even though the weather was bright and sunny I loaded up my Nikon F90x as it has a shutter speed up to 1/8000 sec and popped up my local graveyard hoping to capture some gritty images.

I was pleased with the results all things considered but I may use the next roll on something more appropriate that requires that sort of sensitivity……..lol