The Streets of London with the Fuji X-Pro1 …………

Xpro1-1321-EditWe have just got back from a few days in London which was a present for my 50th from the better half.

It was a few days of excessive eating and drinking with a little bit of walking and photography, in fact we really blended in with the 1000’s of typical tourists.Xpro1-1348-EditI shot all the time with my Fuji X-Pro and the XF 18mm f2 except for a few of the night shots where I used the XF 18-55 f2.8 and then processed them with SilverEfex as I felt the B&W contrasty feel gave the look I was after.Xpro1-1275-EditI shot both day and night and the X-Pro performed great, I really love this camera the quality of the raw files is top notch even at iso 3200.Xpro1-1286-EditStreet photography is so easy in a place like London, nobody seems to mind you shooting not that has ever stopped me but I could spend hours just walking and shooting.

Next time I am going to shoot some film as well…Xpro1-1265-EditIt was an enjoyable few days and even though I shot less than 100 frames nearly all were keepers (I shot quite a few on my iPhone too).10593185_10152786039942580_8803011122617625181_n

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Snow comes to the Valley…………

The weather forecast was for snow to arrive here in South Wales around 10am on Saturday and they were not wrong, it snowed until late afternoon when sadly it turned to rain but as it was still extremely cold overnight most of the remaining snow has turned to ice.

Because it was snowing while we went out for a walk I didn’t really want to take my DSLR so used my trusty Olympus E-PL1 and as it is always in my pocket my iPhone4 using Hipstamatic.

The iPhone shots used the combination of the James M lens with Ina’s 1969 film.

While the Olympus was set to Pinhole mode and the emulsion frame effect was added in Photoshop.


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Grunging up everyday objects……..

I have been using my iPhone and various photo apps mainly ‘instagram’ a lot lately and really enjoy the unpredictability of the results I am getting but I prefer to have a bit of control over my photography.

So as a bit of a challenge I have been grunging up some of my shots with loads of layers and textures, vignettes etc and feel just as good being in control of the end results and obviously the quality and resolution is far better to be able to print.

Usually I am a sucker for sharp, precise photographs but the iphone/instagram feel is a real passion at the moment so I hope you enjoy and any feedback will be greatly recieved

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Morning walk with Instagram……

Went for a nice bracing walk yesterday before going to shoot the Rugby game and intead of dragging my Dslr around I just took my iPhone4 and used Instagram to snap some random photos for a change.

It was very liberating just using the phone camera but I did feel like I was missing something by not taking along my regular camera.

I was pleased with what I captured even though they were pretty random stuff and will not be winning many awards………..

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