“Kevin Sinnott” .. Reflecting on a life in painting exhibition

On Sunday 3rd December I was invited to the opening of reknown Artist and friend Kevin Sinnott’s 70th birthday exhibition Reflecting on a life in painting.

It was held at his gallery “Studio 18” here in Pontycymer where it featured his most famous painting “Running away with the hairdresser” which was kindly loaned back to him by the National Museum of Wales for the length of this exhibition.

The exhibition runs until January 21st 2018 and is well worth a visit.

Here is a little selection of the afternoon …

Here is a link to my blog post featuring Kevin at work in his studio

London, New York, Pontycymmer … Artist at work .. Kevin Sinnott

Also some other links

Martin Tinney Gallery
Wales online link
Studio 18 link
Youtube video link


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Some of my Fav’s from the #FP4Party on Twitter …..

c330Since September I have been a participant in the #FP4Party over on Twitter/Emulsive.org …. http://emulsive.org/articles/introducing-fp4party where we all shoot some Ilford FP4 over a week then edit and post during the next 2 weeks followed by a vote at the end of the month to pick a winning favourite.img013I have not really shot a lot of FP4 mainly thinking that it isn’t as versatile as my Favourite film HP5 but since this Party began I must say I am really loving the look I get with FP4 and also how easy it is to print in the darkroom too.t90-2I have posted a few of these over on twitter as entries to the challenge but I thought it would be good to post them all together here on my blog too.

This was my shortlisted entry ….

I was lucky this month to actually get one image picked to enter the final vote which was great as the standard is pretty high and getting better every time as more and more people are joining upc330-4It’s great to be part of this film community, I love seeing what others are shooting which helps me to improve my own photography.

Check out emulsive.org … @FP4Party on twitter for more detailsimg009-edit img021-editI am not sure what I will be doing for this month’s Party I may try pushing it or even do a bit of flash photography as an experiment, what ever I do it will be fun anyway 🙂

…. That’s my Boy 🙂

Even my son joined in last month … ps I am the scruffy one on the left 😉

Thanks for looking ……

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Bridgend Show with my Fuji X-Pro & 35mm f1.4………

Fuji Xpro1-1155-Edit-EditPopped along to the Bridgend Show on Sunday with just the X-Pro 1 and 35mm f1.4 with the intention to shoot as much as I could as near wide open as I could but it was rather bright and sunny so managed f2.0 -f4.0 and the camera and lens performed superbly.

All images shot Raw and processed in Adobe Lightroom 5 using the Adobe Fuji camera profiles, quite pleased with the colours but still not as sharp as with Capture One Pro but getting there.

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Thanks for looking 🙂

A bit of Street Shooting for a change ………

D600A-2610-EditA short and sweet blog post today.

Popped into Bridgend on Sunday to get a few things and took the D600 for a change with the idea of shooting some street stuff.D600A-2611-Edit-EditThere was a few people milling around and I tried some shooting from the hip as well as straight shooting with varying success.

I shot all of these at f8 in Aperture priority with the focus set manually at approx 10-12 ft.D600A-2626-EditI only shot about 30 frames in total and was very pleased that I managed to get this many keepers, not that they are pushing any boundaries in street photography but still they seemed to work, especially when converted to Black & White.D600A-2625-Edit-Edit-Edit D600A-2615-Edit-Edit D600A-2612-EditThanks for looking …….

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1st test of new Spur B&W developer……….

img006I was recently contacted by a German company http://spur-photo.com/ that makes B&W developer to see I I would like to try out their products and blog my results Good or bad.IMG_2575

Needless to say as I love shooting and developing my own film I jumped at the chance and the following images are the 1st results.

I shot some Ilford HP5+ rated at 640 iso and used the Spur NHC diluted 1+12 for 9 minutes @20˚

This developer from what I have seen and read gives nice contrasty sharp negatives and as you can see from the 1st results that is very true.

Even though both the sharpness & contrast is increased quite a bit the grain has not suffered as a consequence which is great when I come to print anything above 10 x 8.

Also both the shadow and highlight detail is very impressive.

I love the look of HP5 and after my 1st try of this Developer/film combination I am extremely happy with my results as they give me the type of images I love.

All the images below are straight scans with some dust removal but no other editing.

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img023-Edit-Edit img018 img016 img014 img013 img011 img005 img004 img002



Ilford SFX200 and Black Skies in the Garw Valley………….

Tim_Dobbs_SFX200-I have had a roll of Ilford SFX200 in the fridge for months and decided to give it a try yesterday.

The skies here in the Garw Valley were lovely and blue with large white clouds moving about and a rich green landscape which from most of the infrared shots I have seen was going to be quite dramatic.

Sadly I don’t own a infrared filter as recommended (Hoya R72) so I made up a sort of replacement using my HOYA/COKIN filter kit and a piece of Red Gel filter from my flash filter set._DSF0914_DSF0915I was not to sure how to go about getting the correct exposure, wether to just let the camera do it as I didn’t know if they would be under-exposed or  over-exposed so I took a mixture bracketing as I went.

I also shot some without the filter just to see the difference and boy what a difference 🙂Tim_Dobbs_SFX200-007This is without……..Tim_Dobbs_SFX200-and this is with the filter…………

After scanning in the negatives most of the frames were under-exposed but not by much the Canon T90 coped pretty well and nearly all the images came up well using Lightroom 5.Tim_Dobbs_SFX200-038The dramatic skies are what really pleased me, I love contrasty images thats why I use Ilford HP5 as my goto film most often but SFX200 really pops its such a pity it’s so damn expensive almost double the price of HP5.Tim_Dobbs_SFX200-037I will be buying some more nevertheless and also a Hoya R72 filter too as the results were just my cup of tea.Tim_Dobbs_SFX200--2Tim_Dobbs_SFX200--3click on an image to view larger……..

Thanks for looking

Testing the Sigma 35mm f1.4 DG…………..

D600A-0573Last week I rented a lens from Lensfettish.com as I had a 30% discount code so I decided on the Sigma 35mm f1.4DG as I had read reviews about it and wanted to see if it was as good as I had heard.

On opening the box I was surprised at the size and weight of the lens compared with my DX Nikon 35mm 1.8 and my Sigma 30mm 1.4, it was a bit of a beast.

The first shot I took in the kitchen (above) was wide open at f1.4 and I was blown away even looking at the camera screen. The lens was razor sharp 🙂

D600A-0632I proceeded to shoot loads of random stuff around the house before popping out for a quick walk.

D600A-0613 D600A-0612 D600A-0593The sharpness and contrast of this lens was astounding even wide open the point of focus was so sharp and at f8 the detail was stunning.

The following day we popped to Cardiff and I did a little street shooting mainly between f2.8 and f4 and again the lens performed great.

D600A-0654 D600A-0652 D600A-0650On the Sunday (my last day before returning the lens) we went along to the Bridgend Show where I gave it one last run out and again the resultant images were so pleasing.

D600A-0690-Edit-Edit D600A-0686-Edit-Edit-Edit D600A-0683 D600A-0678 D600A-0677-EditI must admit that if I had a spare £699 in my pocket I would buy this lens in a shot, the 35mm focal length was very nice as a walk around lens just a bit more versatile than my Nikon 50mm f1.4 afs which is my usual goto lens.

I also tried it on my Nikon F80 and shot a couple of frames but am yet to finish the roll to see how it performed ( I bet is good 🙂  )

D600A-0711Thanks for looking

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Canon 50mm f1.4 and Ilford XP2……..

T90_XP2-I had 2 deliveries on Friday.

A Canon 50mm f1.4 FD from West Yorkshire Cameras which was such a bargain compared to the equivalent Nikon offering as I can use it on both my Film Canon SLR’s and also my Olympus EPL-1.

And another package was from Ilford customer services with a load of different Ilford films free of charge as they will be using 2 of my film images on their website in the near future to showcase HP5+.

T90_XP2-018Firstly I must say how over the moon I am with the lens, its twice the weight and build of my 50mm f1.8 which I was pleased with but the f1.4 is so damn sharp it hurts especially on the Olympus.

T90_XP2--3The DOF and Bokeh is lovely and on my Canon T90 the viewfinder is extremely bright and easy to focus.

T90_XP2--4I am so glad I bought this, I wasn’t sure if it would be this much better than the f1.8 version as it actually is.

T90_XP2--2I have never shot Ilford XP2 before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, sadly my C-41 chemistry is shot so the results were a bit mixed but I managed to get a few shots I was pleased with.

The negatives are very easy to scan and have a very smooth tone that suits the type of images I was shooting with shallow DOF but is also nice and contrasty when stopped down a bit.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI also had some SFX200 and PanF 50 which I have not shot before either so I am looking forward to see what comes out.

Thanks for looking

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Olympus mju-11 & outdated Agfa Film………

Popped into Bridgend last week and noticed some old film cameras in the Heart Foundation Charity Shop most were APS format but there was an Olympus mju11 35mm amongst them, sadly not the one with the fixed prime 2.8 but with the zoom but for £5 I was not going to moan.

Eager to try it out it was loaded with some Agfa Vista 400 that expired in 2009 and out I went for a walk.

It was a very easy camera to use once I figured out how to stop the flash going off every shot and after processing the film, the results were pretty pleasing.

I will be throwing this camera in my bag and trying some street photography with it as it’s very small and compact and the autofocus performed great as long as I use fast film or shoot in the sun its a great addition to my ever growing camera collection.

The Bridgend Show…………

Awful weather for this years Bridgend Show, wellies were the order of the day.

This year I decided to just take my film camera a Nikon FM2n with a Nikkor 35mm and try and capture some reportage style shots using ilford HP5.

We went quite early on the Saturday and there was not a great deal going on but I hope I managed to capture a few nice shots.