Trying out a new lens on the Mamiya RB67 with some ilford SFX 200…

I picked up my RB67 a few months back complete with the 65mm f4.5 & 150mm f4 SF C from a fellow twitter film shooter and have only shot 2 rolls just playing around getting used to the beast and I realised that I needed a lens that would work as a standard/portrait lens and managed to get the 127mm f3.8 at a good price so I went out for one of my usual walks a few weeks back and gave it a runout with some ilford SFX.

The lens performed great giving really sharp results at various apertures and the focal length suited how I like to shoot, the only thing I didn’t shoot was a portrait which will be the next roll I hope.

I think I am getting used to the 6×7 format slowly and it’s great being able to rotate the back rather than the camera 🙂

I didn’t use any filters and developed it in ilfotecHC 1+15 dilution for 5 minutes … scanned on the Epson v500

Anyway this 3rd roll had 10 keepers so here they all are …

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Ilford SFX200 and Black Skies in the Garw Valley………….

Tim_Dobbs_SFX200-I have had a roll of Ilford SFX200 in the fridge for months and decided to give it a try yesterday.

The skies here in the Garw Valley were lovely and blue with large white clouds moving about and a rich green landscape which from most of the infrared shots I have seen was going to be quite dramatic.

Sadly I don’t own a infrared filter as recommended (Hoya R72) so I made up a sort of replacement using my HOYA/COKIN filter kit and a piece of Red Gel filter from my flash filter set._DSF0914_DSF0915I was not to sure how to go about getting the correct exposure, wether to just let the camera do it as I didn’t know if they would be under-exposed or  over-exposed so I took a mixture bracketing as I went.

I also shot some without the filter just to see the difference and boy what a difference 🙂Tim_Dobbs_SFX200-007This is without……..Tim_Dobbs_SFX200-and this is with the filter…………

After scanning in the negatives most of the frames were under-exposed but not by much the Canon T90 coped pretty well and nearly all the images came up well using Lightroom 5.Tim_Dobbs_SFX200-038The dramatic skies are what really pleased me, I love contrasty images thats why I use Ilford HP5 as my goto film most often but SFX200 really pops its such a pity it’s so damn expensive almost double the price of HP5.Tim_Dobbs_SFX200-037I will be buying some more nevertheless and also a Hoya R72 filter too as the results were just my cup of tea.Tim_Dobbs_SFX200--2Tim_Dobbs_SFX200--3click on an image to view larger……..

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