1st test of new Spur B&W developer……….

img006I was recently contacted by a German company http://spur-photo.com/ that makes B&W developer to see I I would like to try out their products and blog my results Good or bad.IMG_2575

Needless to say as I love shooting and developing my own film I jumped at the chance and the following images are the 1st results.

I shot some Ilford HP5+ rated at 640 iso and used the Spur NHC diluted 1+12 for 9 minutes @20˚

This developer from what I have seen and read gives nice contrasty sharp negatives and as you can see from the 1st results that is very true.

Even though both the sharpness & contrast is increased quite a bit the grain has not suffered as a consequence which is great when I come to print anything above 10 x 8.

Also both the shadow and highlight detail is very impressive.

I love the look of HP5 and after my 1st try of this Developer/film combination I am extremely happy with my results as they give me the type of images I love.

All the images below are straight scans with some dust removal but no other editing.

click on an image to view larger….

img023-Edit-Edit img018 img016 img014 img013 img011 img005 img004 img002



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