The “Littlest Holga” comes to visit part 1 …

On Twitter for quite a while there has been a sort of shared project going on arranged by a fellow twitter photographer Sandeep @givemeabiscuit where a Holga 120 camera along with a box of accessories like filters/special effects lens stuff has been passed around various photographers worldwide who get to keep the kit  for a couple of weeks and then share the resultant images on twitter.

Last week it became my turn to have an adventure with the “Littlest Holga” … it has its own twitter account by the way 😉


I already have a pretty beat up Holga which I have never managed to get very many images that I was happy with so this chance to play with another model which has yielded excellent results by other photographers was quite exciting.

This is the results from my 1st roll which was some ilford FP4+, I tried using a Red filter on the lens to give the contrast a bit of a boost as the day I shot the roll was very bright and sunny.

I am not sure if it made a big difference but I was happy with the roll which gave me 11 images out of 12 that I am happy to share.

So here are the images and I will blog every roll that I shoot good or bad in the next few weeks … next roll will be some Kodak Ektachrome E100VS so fingers crossed for that one 🙂












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1st time shooting Kodak 5219 Vision 3 500T ( that’s a bit of a mouthful) …

For Christmas my better half bought me a load of film some of which was motion picture stock.

I have shot a few of the daylight balanced ones but never tried using the Tungsten balanced before.

After reading up on the interwebs about what filter I would need when shooting in daylight with this film I realised that I didn’t have and 85A or 85B filter … the closest I had was an 81B so I loaded up my F100 and stuck the 81B on the 50mm f1.4 and went out to give it a go.


The day was a little overcast so I decided to rate the roll at 400 just to see how it performed as I have read that it can be shot at quite a few iso’s so 400 was in the middle.





I shot a varied set of subjects but didn’t manage to shoot a portrait as I shot the roll before I knew it …






I developed the roll at home in C41 chemistry after removing the remjet and was very happy with how they looked.

I am impressed with the sharpness and the nice grain.

The colours were a little subdued and cool which I am not sure if that was because of my development or rather the fact that I used an 81B instead of an 85.









I have now bought an 85A & 85B to try next time … also I will either buy some ECN-2 chemistry or get it developed in a lab to see what this film stock looks like in the proper chemistry.

Anyway thanks for looking ….

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All images on my blog are available as prints just drop me an email

I also have a film only blog over at if you want a peek 🙂