1st time shooting Kodak 5219 Vision 3 500T ( that’s a bit of a mouthful) …

For Christmas my better half bought me a load of film some of which was motion picture stock.

I have shot a few of the daylight balanced ones but never tried using the Tungsten balanced before.

After reading up on the interwebs about what filter I would need when shooting in daylight with this film I realised that I didn’t have and 85A or 85B filter … the closest I had was an 81B so I loaded up my F100 and stuck the 81B on the 50mm f1.4 and went out to give it a go.


The day was a little overcast so I decided to rate the roll at 400 just to see how it performed as I have read that it can be shot at quite a few iso’s so 400 was in the middle.





I shot a varied set of subjects but didn’t manage to shoot a portrait as I shot the roll before I knew it …






I developed the roll at home in C41 chemistry after removing the remjet and was very happy with how they looked.

I am impressed with the sharpness and the nice grain.

The colours were a little subdued and cool which I am not sure if that was because of my development or rather the fact that I used an 81B instead of an 85.









I have now bought an 85A & 85B to try next time … also I will either buy some ECN-2 chemistry or get it developed in a lab to see what this film stock looks like in the proper chemistry.

Anyway thanks for looking ….

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