HP5 shines when shot in 6×9 …..

I have probably said loads of times on this blog that ilford HP5 is by far my favourite B&W film stock.

I love the contrast and grain especially when pushed to 1600 iso and beyond.

I mainly shoot it in 35mm with the odd roll in 120 now and again so when I got my Fuji GW690iii I was eager to see how it looks in 6×9 format.

I shot it at box speed and developed it in ilfotecHC at 1+31 dilution and I was not disappointed with the results.

Here are all 8 frames …. click on an image to see larger

Fuji GW690iii - ilford HP5001

Fuji GW690iii - ilford HP5002

Fuji GW690iii - ilford HP5004

Fuji GW690iii - ilford HP5005

Fuji GW690iii - ilford HP5006

Fuji GW690iii - ilford HP5007

Fuji GW690iii - ilford HP5008

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Fuji X-Pro & my Canon FD 50mm f1.4 testing…….

X-Pro1-1750Today’s weather is pretty poor so just for a change from shooting film I put my Canon FD 50mm on the X-Pro and popped out to see how it performed in the real world of a walk about test.X-Pro1-1747I have used it before but only as a closeup, short DOF type test so shooting it on a walk and only manual focus was going to be a bit of a challenge.X-Pro1-1796As the camera does not know what aperture the lens is at (well at least the exif does not say) I am not sure exactly what aperture I used for each shot was but apart from the container shot which I know was F8 all the others were between f1.4 to f4.0.X-Pro1-1757I was a bit awkward shooting manual focus but the focus peaking on the X-Pro helped greatly but any fast street style shooting was out of question unless I used zone focusing.X-Pro1-1760The results were very pleasing overall, I am not sure I totally like the Bokeh this lens produces with the X-Pro unlike what it produces when I use my Canon T90 but that aside the images came out fine.X-Pro1-1791I have a shed load of FD mount lenses so I am going to try each one just to see which if any I prefer and will blog the results.X-Pro1-1805 X-Pro1-1802 X-Pro1-1783 X-Pro1-1775 X-Pro1-1767 X-Pro1-1764X-Pro1-1814All the images were shot Raw and processed using Adobe Lightroom 5

Thanks for looking

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My Fuji x10 and SilverEfex ………

FujiX10_A-1317-EditI had a day off today so as the sun was shining briefly this morning I loaded up my Mamiya 645 with some Fuji Pro 400H and my Fuji x10 and popped out while the sun lasted.

FujiX10_A-1310-EditWhile waiting for the film to dry I decided to run through the shots from the X10, some of which I processed using VSCO film 1 presets and the Fuji 400H setting just to see if the actual processed film was similar. (still waiting for it to dry)

All of these however were processed in Silver-Efex to give a Dark, grungy feel which I really like.FujiX10_A-1320-EditAny comments very welcome.

click on an image to view larger………. FujiX10_A-1377-Edit FujiX10_A-1374-Edit FujiX10_A-1366-Edit FujiX10_A-1351-Edit FujiX10_A-1335-EditI also have a Film only blog at …….


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Colour Film Developing and an Un-willing Model………

This week I have been mostly shooting and developing Colour Film……….

After getting the hang of B&W developing I thought I would give Colour a go as from what I have read it is very similar only a bit more Temperature critical. I bought a Tetenal C-41 kit from AG Photographic (see link below) and a few rolls of cheap Kodak colorplus film just incase I messed up.


I must admit it was very easy to do even getting the chemicals to the desired 38 degrees was simple I just filled the sink with very hot water and waited…..lol

After scanning in the negs I was pleasantly surprised the photographs were nice and contrasty with no real colour casts considering the cheap film.

The photos of Ben, my son were shot using the Kodak and the others were on my 2nd roll processed which was Fuji Superia 400 where the colours were far more punchy than the Kodak.

 Click on an image to view larger……….