My Fuji x10 and SilverEfex ………

FujiX10_A-1317-EditI had a day off today so as the sun was shining briefly this morning I loaded up my Mamiya 645 with some Fuji Pro 400H and my Fuji x10 and popped out while the sun lasted.

FujiX10_A-1310-EditWhile waiting for the film to dry I decided to run through the shots from the X10, some of which I processed using VSCO film 1 presets and the Fuji 400H setting just to see if the actual processed film was similar. (still waiting for it to dry)

All of these however were processed in Silver-Efex to give a Dark, grungy feel which I really like.FujiX10_A-1320-EditAny comments very welcome.

click on an image to view larger………. FujiX10_A-1377-Edit FujiX10_A-1374-Edit FujiX10_A-1366-Edit FujiX10_A-1351-Edit FujiX10_A-1335-EditI also have a Film only blog at …….

and Flickr stuff at ……

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