Fuji X-Pro & my Canon FD 50mm f1.4 testing…….

X-Pro1-1750Today’s weather is pretty poor so just for a change from shooting film I put my Canon FD 50mm on the X-Pro and popped out to see how it performed in the real world of a walk about test.X-Pro1-1747I have used it before but only as a closeup, short DOF type test so shooting it on a walk and only manual focus was going to be a bit of a challenge.X-Pro1-1796As the camera does not know what aperture the lens is at (well at least the exif does not say) I am not sure exactly what aperture I used for each shot was but apart from the container shot which I know was F8 all the others were between f1.4 to f4.0.X-Pro1-1757I was a bit awkward shooting manual focus but the focus peaking on the X-Pro helped greatly but any fast street style shooting was out of question unless I used zone focusing.X-Pro1-1760The results were very pleasing overall, I am not sure I totally like the Bokeh this lens produces with the X-Pro unlike what it produces when I use my Canon T90 but that aside the images came out fine.X-Pro1-1791I have a shed load of FD mount lenses so I am going to try each one just to see which if any I prefer and will blog the results.X-Pro1-1805 X-Pro1-1802 X-Pro1-1783 X-Pro1-1775 X-Pro1-1767 X-Pro1-1764X-Pro1-1814All the images were shot Raw and processed using Adobe Lightroom 5

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My Fuji x10 and SilverEfex ………

FujiX10_A-1317-EditI had a day off today so as the sun was shining briefly this morning I loaded up my Mamiya 645 with some Fuji Pro 400H and my Fuji x10 and popped out while the sun lasted.

FujiX10_A-1310-EditWhile waiting for the film to dry I decided to run through the shots from the X10, some of which I processed using VSCO film 1 presets and the Fuji 400H setting just to see if the actual processed film was similar. (still waiting for it to dry)

All of these however were processed in Silver-Efex to give a Dark, grungy feel which I really like.FujiX10_A-1320-EditAny comments very welcome.

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