Colour Film Developing and an Un-willing Model………

This week I have been mostly shooting and developing Colour Film……….

After getting the hang of B&W developing I thought I would give Colour a go as from what I have read it is very similar only a bit more Temperature critical. I bought a Tetenal C-41 kit from AG Photographic (see link below) and a few rolls of cheap Kodak colorplus film just incase I messed up.

I must admit it was very easy to do even getting the chemicals to the desired 38 degrees was simple I just filled the sink with very hot water and waited…

After scanning in the negs I was pleasantly surprised the photographs were nice and contrasty with no real colour casts considering the cheap film.

The photos of Ben, my son were shot using the Kodak and the others were on my 2nd roll processed which was Fuji Superia 400 where the colours were far more punchy than the Kodak.

 Click on an image to view larger……….

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