1st time shooting Lomography Potsdam Kino 100 ….

It’s great that in the last few months there has been a few new film stocks hitting the market which can only be good for us film shooters.

Potsdam Kino is a B&W cine film along the lines of the Berlin Kino film that was launched previously by Lomography.

It is 100 iso film with a supposedly wide exposure latitude according to reports on the interwebs so I loaded up my Mamiya C330 on an overcast yet quite bright day and went out to see how it performed.

I developed it in ID11 1+1 dilution for 7 minutes.

The negatives looked great out of the tank .. nice and punchy looking contrast and pretty sharp at first glance.

Once scanned and into lightroom a was pleased to say very little editing was required as the scans yielded excellent shadow and highlight detail and apart from slightly bringing down the highlights and pushing the shadows a bit they looked great, contrasty and sharp.

I have some in 35mm format which I am looking forward to trying just to see if I get the same results as sometimes I find it a bit harder to pull out detail in the shadow areas when using 35mm compared to 120.

So if you like punchy/contrasty/sharp images with minimum grain then give this film a go and you won’t be disappointed.

Anyway here is the whole roll … comments most welcome



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I love shooting expired film ……

Last week I managed to source some of my favorite colour negative film Fuji Reala from ebay and along side of the Reala the vendor also had some Kodak Vericolor II which I also bought to give it a try.

I have previously shot a roll of Vericolor III that I had been given and really liked the muted tone that I gave so I was hoping that this gave similar results.

I decided to take the Mamiya C330 for a run out as I had been neglecting it over the Yashica Mat 124G recently, I used both the 80mm f2.8 and 65mm f3.5.

Here are the images, only 9 as the other 3 were bracketed shots ….  It was an overcast day with glimpses of sunshine now and again.

I rated the roll at 80 iso with my Sekonic meter which was pretty much spot on.

If I shoot the next roll in brighter conditions I could probably rate the film at 100 or even box speed as it didn’t seem to have lost a lot of sensitivity even though the 2 boxes had expired back in 1994  🙂

Thanks for looking ….

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All images are available as prints just drop me an email

I also have a film only blog over at  usingfilm.wordpress.com if you want a peek 🙂