Rainy day and HP5…………..

F4_HP5--3Dark, dreary and wet day here in the valleys today and the forecast isn’t that good all weekend so how can I shoot my weekly roll of film?

F4_HP5--8I decided to try my Sigma 105mm f2.8 on my F4 using some Ilford HP5 @400 just to see how the autofocus coped with the really short DOF.

F4_HP5--7It seemed to manage pretty well, I only shot 2 or 3 shots on manual focus because it would not snap to the spot I wanted.

The viewfinder is so bright on the F4 it was very easy to shoot really close up.

F4_HP5--5I wandered around the house for about an hour trying to capture something remotely interesting that may benefit from the B&W film look.

F4_HP5--6 F4_HP5--2My magazine arrived as I was shooting so as it was B&W photography it felt appropriate to shoot it along with my growing collection of Canon FD glass.

F4_HP5--4I love the look of HP5 anyway but I wasn’t expecting it to look so good for still life subjects.

As my guitar is black the tones HP5 produce are lovely, I processed the film using Ilfotec HC which gave really nice grain very complimentary to the subject matter.

I shot the last 3 frames with my 50mm f1.8 and managed to candidly capture my better half   handheld 1/15 @f1.8

F4_HP5-Thanks for looking

Click on an image to view larger………..

I have another blog just dedicated to my film photography if you are interested pop over and leave me a comment.




2 thoughts on “Rainy day and HP5…………..”

  1. You can’t complain about HP5 and definitely not about Canon FD glass 🙂
    I have quite the collection too…
    Plus the FDAC lenses for the T80 (all three of them)…

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