A Digital day……for a change……………..

_DSC0086I decided to shoot digital this weekend for a change, I have a friends wedding coming up in a few weeks and apart from shooting my Rugby I am not using my DSLR’s all that much so I thought I would give them a runout using my Sigma 30mm f1.4.

_DSC0046-EditI really love the look I get from the Sigma wide open, it really pulls the object in focus out of the frame, it does vignette a little at f1.4 but all these photos were processed in Lightroom and the lens profiles do a really good job.

_DSC9924I must admit that I felt like a bit of a cheat shooting digital and looking at the back of the camera checking shots, I seemed to shoot far more than I actually needed to when checking the results in Lightroom.

_DSC9939I would recommend the Sigma highly, it’s very sharp especially when stopped down a bit and even at f1.4 as long as you nail the point of focus the image pops.

The shot at the top of my better half was shot at iso 3200 @f1.4 focussing on the eye and with a little noise reduction in Lightroom the results were great considering it was a quick test snapshot.

_DSC9934Anyway after the rugby on Saturday I am back to film again until the “Digital” wedding that is but I will also shoot plenty of film there too.

_DSC0018_DSC0027_DSC9927 _DSC0055Thanks for looking………..

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3 thoughts on “A Digital day……for a change……………..”

  1. Neither of us envy you. Weddings are about the top of our “yuck” list. We’ve done a few with me shooting digital and Marks shooting film. That was also about the time I gave up on digital. Don’t get me wrong the images all came out fine but what hard work both in the pre, during and post production stages. Good luck on that shoot. Maybe you could sell the happy couple on some classy black and white film. 😉


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