Zorki 4k with Cheap Agfa 200 film……..

Zorki 4k-020I saw that my local pound shop were selling new rolls of Agfa 200 iso film at £1 a roll (obviously) and picked up a load just to use when testing any old camera I pick up.

I loaded up the Zorki 4k and went out looking for anything slightly colourful on a really drab day here in the South Wales Valleys.

Zorki 4k-008After developing the film and scanning it in I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Agfa film performed, there was a slight magenta look to the images but apart from that I was pretty pleased with the overall look.

Zorki 4k-024I am getting used to using the Zorki’s viewfinder and managed to not cut off anything and also getting the focus spot on even at f2.8.

Zorki 4k-015I think another visit to the pound shop is in order and stock up on a few more rolls is in order this weekend 🙂

Zorki 4k-012Zorki 4k-030 Zorki 4k-023 Zorki 4k-021Thanks for looking………….


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