My film addiction is getting worse……….

As anyone who has viewed my blog over the last few months would have guessed that I have been smitten with shooting film again after years of digital DSLr’s.

I have been very lucky that I have a few photographer friends who have vast vintage camera collections and are very trusting to loan me a few cameras to feed my addiction…

The 1st camera I tried was the Agfa Isolette from Andrew Beveridge an excellent Wedding and portrait photographer I struggled with the 1st roll as I am not used to using a light-meter or the zone focus system employed by this camera but the 2nd roll was far better after using a tape measure to make sure of the subject distance.

The Yashica Mat and the Zorki 4 were from Mike Stokes  also He has had both cameras for many years and informed me that he has never had much luck with the Yashica Mat as it was always over exposing so he resorted to using tape on his light meter to change the exposure reading to compensate for the problem.

The very same thing happened with my 1st roll but after scanning the negs I managed to save a couple of frames, next roll I will set my meter to at least 2 stops under to see what happens.

I found out that the Zorki 4 had a sticking shutter as it has not been used for years and 1/3rd of every frame was totally burned out but after loads of clicking of the shutter over the weekend it seemed to have done the trick as the 2nd roll exposed fine.

Using all 3 of these cameras has been a pleasure and I would like to thank Andrew and Mike for letting me try them out. I will post some photos from these cameras in my next post.

3 thoughts on “My film addiction is getting worse……….”

  1. Only too pleased to be able to let you borrow them Tim, good to see and hear that you are enjoying them both, the Yashica was a disappointment when I bought it as it was nowhere near as good as the wrecked Microflex it replaced and I should have persevered but I didn’t. Instead I bought a Mamiya C330 with 65mm, 80mm and 180mm lenses; wish i still had that one!

  2. I have the Yashica mat 124 and had great result, and I know some who use the Zorki 4 and he have beautiful photos.

  3. Yay! Film. I have gone nearly completely film based after 6 years of digital. I love vintage cameras, owning a mamiya c33 and a pentax 6×7, I also shoot with a holga. thanks for sharing, Kerry

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