A Schoolboy Error……..

Tim Dobbs Photography-0325I went out this morning with my Bronica SQ-Ai loaded with a roll of Fuji Velvia and proceeded to trek up to the site of the old Ocean Colliery here in Blaengarw, South Wales.

The light was great and so was the landscape and cloud formations and I set to work shooting my 12 frames of 6×6…. or so I thought.

Tim Dobbs Photography-0327While out I also brought my little Fuji x10 and after each shot I also took a few frames digitally just as some sort of reference to go with my notes as I have never shot 120 slide film before.

Tim Dobbs Photography-0308Lucky I did as when I got home I realised that the multi exposure lever was on and the 11 frames taken was really just 1…….. Gutted!!

Its a good job that film photography is just my personal pastime and not professional …

At least the results from the little Fuji were great, below is both the colour and B&W version of my audience this morning.

Tim Dobbs Photography-0321 Tim Dobbs Photography-I am so glad I take the Fuji everywhere as this morning would have been a total waste but at least I will check my frame counter next time just in case the damn lever is down again.

Tim Dobbs Photography-0313 Tim Dobbs Photography-0332Thanks for looking….

I also have another blog just featuring my film photography if anyone is interested


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