Another camera added to my collection……..

img020You can never have to many cameras, well thats what I believe anyway.

I picked up a lovely Kiev 4 this week from my favorite camera dealers West Yorkshire Cameras.

img023It came with a 135mm f4 and a Jupiter 8, 50mm f2 lens which surprisingly is reasonable sharp wide open, both the shots above were taken at F2 using ilford HP5.

The only problem I had when first using it was the arrangement of the rangefinder window as it is where my hand goes to fire the shutter instead of over the lens like other rangefinders I have tried.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI popped out for a walk to give the camera a run out.

It has a selenium meter but after a quick glance at the manual to try to understand how it works I got a bit lost so I used my Zeiss Ikon Ikophot lightmeter instead.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe camera was a joy to use as long as I remembered not to put my finger over the rangefinder window, the focussing was very quick and easy due to the really bright viewfinder.

img006I tried most of the shots at f4 to f8 as it was rather bright and the shutter only went to 1/1000 sec.img005I was extremely impressed with the sharpness and contrast from the lens from f4 and up.img015 img014-EditAnd even at f2.8 the look I got was really nice, I am so pleased with this camera.

I love my Zorki 4k but this really puts that in the shade especially when trying to focus in low light.

I cannot use the 135mm yet as I need an external viewfinder but the 50mm is so good I am not in a rush to get one yet.img013Thanks for looking

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2 thoughts on “Another camera added to my collection……..”

  1. Tim,
    First— no one can never have enough film cameras!!!!!!
    The photos you took with it are pretty impressive. The detail in the boot is quite good.
    I think you found a keeper and a winner.

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