Expired Film Day 2017 …..

For this year’s Expired Film Day I shot 2 cameras and just 2 rolls.

1st was a Nikon F100 loaded with some long expired Kodak Ektar 1000 which I rated at 200 iso  with fingers crossed that it came out at all.

2nd was a YashicaMat loaded with some Fuji NPS 160 expired 1997 rated at 64 iso.

I was happy with how both rolls came out and was surprised how many frames that were usable from the Ektar. I found it difficult to choose which 3 images to enter in the competition as the Fuji NPS images did not remotely look like they were shot on 20 year old expired film.

You can checkout all the entries here  expiredfilmday.com

Here are the rest of the images I liked from both rolls … it’s easy to tell which was which 🙂

Thanks for looking ….

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I also have a film only blog over at  usingfilm.wordpress.com if you want a peek 🙂

Christmas Eve walk with a YashicaMat and some T-Max 400…….

YashicaMat_TMax400_009A short and sweet blog post today.

I borrowed a YashicaMat from a photographer friend a few months back and it seemed to be over exposing all the time, most probably slow shutter speed problems.

To try to compensate for this I set my light meter to iso 800 and shot some kodak T-Max 400.

These are the results….it seemed to work 🙂

YashicaMat_TMax400_010 YashicaMat_TMax400_007 YashicaMat_TMax400_006 YashicaMat_TMax400_003Thanks for looking ….