Konica AutoReflex TC & Hexanon AR 50mm f1.7 = Big Smile …

A couple of weeks ago I picked up a bargain pair from West Yorkshire Cameras .. namely a very, very clean Konica AutoReflex TC with a Hexanon 50mm attached which was also in excellent nick for the princely sum of £29 british pounds.

I have always heard that most lenses with the Hexanon name were supposed to be pretty good so I was looking forward to shooting with the pair.

I loaded the camera with a roll of Agfa Vista 400 and went out for a little walkabout.

The camera is essentially either shutter priority or full manual … if you set the lens to AE you then change the shutter speed and the viewfinder shows you the chosen aperture or if in manual it shows you the recommended aperture for the shutter speed selected.

The day was drizzly and very overcast so I didn’t realise that the aperture displayed in the viewfinder didn’t seem to move above f1.7 for the 1st 5 or 6 frames.

When I noticed I pointed the lens at the sky and set the shutter to 1/60 sec and still the needle pointed to f1.7.

I immediately thought the meter was buggered so shot the rest of the roll in manual using the light meter on my phone.

After developing the roll to my surprise the 1st 6 frames were all exposed correctly and not over exposed like I was expecting.

So I am not really sure what is actually wrong as if I use it in AE mode I think the aperture displayed is wrong but the exposures are correct but if I try manual and use the recommended camera apertures then I imagine the exposures will be wrong.

To be honest I am not that bothered as I can shoot it in manual and just use my handheld light meter as the quality of the images the camera/lens produces are 1st class.

Anyway here are a selection of images from the roll …










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I love getting new camera’s especially when they are FREE………….

A few months ago a photographer friend who knew I was getting back into film photography sent me a message to say he has a Canon A1 he has never used and I could have it if I wanted it. Obviously I said YES! PLEASE! but we never got around to meeting up until last week.

After a little clean up and a visit to Camarthen Cameras   http://www.carmarthencameras.co.uk/   to get a lens, a Canon FD 35mm for a princely sum of £30 I loaded it up with some expired Agfa Vista 400 and went off to Porthcawl to try it out..

The variation in the colours of the film gave the photos a vintage sort of feel but as you can see here the camera and lens performed excellently and for a total outlay of £30 I couldn’t go wrong.

I would like to Thank Gareth for his generosity and even though I really like this camera (my 1st Canon) I will not be turning to the dark-side just yet as I am too heavily  invested in my Nikon equipment.

Olympus mju-11 & outdated Agfa Film………

Popped into Bridgend last week and noticed some old film cameras in the Heart Foundation Charity Shop most were APS format but there was an Olympus mju11 35mm amongst them, sadly not the one with the fixed prime 2.8 but with the zoom but for £5 I was not going to moan.

Eager to try it out it was loaded with some Agfa Vista 400 that expired in 2009 and out I went for a walk.

It was a very easy camera to use once I figured out how to stop the flash going off every shot and after processing the film, the results were pretty pleasing.

I will be throwing this camera in my bag and trying some street photography with it as it’s very small and compact and the autofocus performed great as long as I use fast film or shoot in the sun its a great addition to my ever growing camera collection.