Trying out Ilford HP5+ in some new developer……….

I few weeks ago I bought some new developer and last week I shot a roll of 120 Ilford Delta 400 and a roll of 35mm Ilford HP5+ with the intentions of seeing what the resulting negatives where like.

I posted the 120 Delta images last week and was extremely pleased with the results so this week I am posting some of the 35mm HP5 shots which I am also very pleased with.The Grain that I love with HP5 is still there in the negatives albeit a little more smooth to my eyes but the detail and sharpness is far more evident.

I diluted the developer 1+9 and processed it for 16 minutes as per the Massive Dev chart app and can definitely will be using this combination as my standard routine from now on.

Also as the developer is in liquid form I only have to mix what I need when I need it rather than mixing up a batch and storing.

I even took a shot of my wife’s hand while cooking @f1.8 which I rarely shoot at such a wide aperture on film but even then the detail was great.I would therefore thoroughly recommend this developer to anyone, I will shoot a roll of Tri-X and some T-Max next just to see how they fair.

  Thanks for looking…..  comments always welcomed  🙂

click on an image to view larger…………

2 thoughts on “Trying out Ilford HP5+ in some new developer……….”

  1. Tim
    Very nice images, glad you’re getting results you like. HP5 is our primary film for about everything. With our style of exposure Xtol at 1:1 gives us negs that are very fine grain. I really like the photo of the reflections in the water they are so crisp. Keep up the good work


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