My first roll of Kodak Tri-X 400 and home developing fun……..

Last week I decided as I was shooting more and more film I would have to have a go at developing my own negatives. This is something I have not done since school.

When studying for my ‘O’ level Art my teacher Mr Halley who was a keen photographer set up a darkroom and some of us who were interested in photography got to waste our Friday afternoons developing and printing our own stuff which is where I got gripped with the photography bug over 30 years ago.

With a mixture of memory/facebook friends and youtube I ventured into my makeshift darkroom /bathroom 🙂  and thought I had made a total mess of my film.

First it all unwound and dropped to the floor, then I managed to cut the leader at an angle so it would not wind on to the spool, eventually I emerged from the bathroom thinking the worst but I was so pleased after opening up the processing tank when I saw images instead of clear or black film.

It is such a thrill to process my own film it brings back so many memories, I love processing my digital shots too, but there is something about the look/feel and smell of Film.

These shots are far from perfect but as it is all my own work I love them…….

Thanks for looking…….comments are very welcome  🙂

Click on photo to view larger……….

3 thoughts on “My first roll of Kodak Tri-X 400 and home developing fun……..”

  1. Simply FABULOUS!!!! Great shots and with the emotion that means to shoot film. I have felt the excitement and nerves. At least for me it was always a surprise to see how my 36 shots were in that strip… and the smell !!!!
    I have envy!!! I want a lab at home too (but I’ve said this loud and someone has forbidden it). 😉

    And FANTASTIC images!!!!!

  2. Great set of photos Tim, Tri X was never a favourite of mine and I invariably used HP4, later HP5. If I wanted finer grain I always used FP4. I’m sometimes tempted to shoot film again but have no idea where my tanks are!

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