I Shoot People………….

I have no speciality when it comes to my photography, not being a Professional and having to earn my living at it so my photos are very varied.

The one thing that I have found over the last couple of years is that I enjoy shooting people more and more.

I have off camera flashes and studio lights but much prefer take photographs of people either candidly or much better after meeting them when I am out and about and taking an informal type of portrait.

Since getting back into film recently I am looking forward to shooting in this style on various types of film camera and waiting in anticipation for the results……..

Here is a little selection of shots, so of which I have posted on the web previously but some are new.

Comments as always very welcome…….

6 thoughts on “I Shoot People………….”

  1. Some great portraits on here Tim. I love photographing people and prefer it to anything else. Although I respect other genres of photography, a photograph of someone is always more interesting to look at. And people will never get bored of looking at pictures of themselves. lol

  2. Ha! Ha! I only just noticed. I see my hair is thinning nicely, and my fingers are size of sausages. No wonder I had trouble holding the little 450D I used to use. I’m pretty impressed with my camera steadying technique though, it’s not normally that good. lol

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