First time using Rollei RPX 25 … the whole roll …

I have quite a collection of different films that I have yet to tryout .. One being Rollei RPX 25.

I really like RPX 400 especially in 120 format so I bought a few rolls of all the Rollei films in both 35mm and 120.

As it was a really bright sunny day ( I got sunburnt) I loaded my Nikon F100 with a roll of RPX25 and went out for a nice walk .. with a short detour to the pub and shot the roll.

I developed it in ilfotecHC and here are the images.

The results were very pleasing … really sharp/contrasty and minimal grain.

Obviously using iso 25 film is not something you can do all the time unless you use a tripod otherwise I would shoot this regularly as I really love the look.

Well here is the whole roll all 36 images … comments most welcome

Please click a photo to view larger

All images on my blog are available as prints just drop me an email

I also have a film only blog over at if you want a peek

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