Valley Backstreets with my Fuji x10…………

FujiX10_A-1215-EditI popped out yesterday with a newly acquired Pentax MV1 and some ilford FP4 looking to test it out and took along my trusty Fuji x10 as well.

The Pentax worked fine but as it has been a pretty busy weekend I am still to develop the roll of film yet so for a change I am posting some digital stuff 🙂

FujiX10_A-1216-Edit-EditAll of the shots were shot in Raw format and processed in Lightroom 5.

The light was pretty harsh as I went out at midday but it made the B&W conversion that much more gritty which suited the subject matter.

Short and sweet post this time, any comments are greatly appreciated 🙂

FujiX10_A-1213-Edit FujiX10_A-1204-Edit-Edit FujiX10_A-1201-Edit FujiX10_A-1196-Edit FujiX10_A-1193

One thought on “Valley Backstreets with my Fuji x10…………”

  1. Good stuff, that broken garage front looks like some sly robot face from an 8bit game to me. There’s no mistaking the valleys either, although the architecture isn’t particularily different the materials always seem hewn from the rockfaces of the valley, so the buildings complement the thoroughly wuthered landscape. The grit really suits it. The valleys can be brutally unromantic at times, strangely mystical at others.

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