Pocket size Rangefinder……..

d300sb-_tdp3300-1I bought this camera off eBay ages ago and was not sure if it was working properly as the battery test light didn’t work but as the shutter fired I assumed it was ok.

So a few weeks ago I loaded up a roll of Ilford HP5+ and rated it at 800 iso and popped out for a short walk to eventually test the little camera.

Its is essentially a point and shoot like the Trip 35 but with rangefinder focussing which was nice and bright and very easy to use, in fact after seeing the results I am looking forward to giving this camera a run out doing a bit of street shooting.

Here is a selection of the images, the exposures were very good and so was the focussing. The sharpness of the Zuiko 38mm f2.8 lens was also very impressive.

Olympus 35ed-022 Olympus 35ed-015 Olympus 35ed-013 Olympus 35ed-009 Olympus 35ed-007 Olympus 35ed-005 Olympus 35ed-002Thanks for looking…..

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