#BIFScale18 … my keepers from 2 rolls of 35mm Redscale …

Nikon F100 - Agfa Vista Redscale020

Just like last year over at Believeinfilm.com there is a challenge to shoot and post Redscale images during February with the added bonus of prizes on offer.

Here is the link … believeinfilm.com/BIFscale18

Anyway here are my images that I liked taken with my Nikon F100 and both 50mm f1.4 & Nikkor 24-85mm VR.

I made some of my own Redscale using a roll of Agfa Vista 200 & Kodak Colorplus 200.

You can find my link to a post I did for emulsive.org here … Making-and-experimenting-with-homemade-redscale-film-agfa-vista-plus-200

Shooting Redscale film is fun and the resultant images do surprise sometimes but also disappoint too … I was happy with 11 frames from my 2 rolls to be honest.

Anyway thanks for looking ….

Click on an image to view larger

All images on my blog are available as prints just drop me an email

I also have a film only blog over at  usingfilm.wordpress.com if you want a peek 🙂

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