Week 32 – A week early to the #FP4Party ….

52 rolls

52 Rolls - week 32-004Starting this week there is a sort of Twitter event/project thing going on called FP4Party which involves shooting a roll of ilford FP4 during the 1st week of the month then post the results in the 3rd week on twitter and tag the images #FP4Party.

Details can be found out in these links @FP4Party and emulsive.org/articles/introducing-fp4party

Anyway I shot this roll a week early as it was already in my Nikon F80 and my intention was to shoot sort of wide open and sort of close up stuff, the weather as usual for summer in Wales was rubbish so I pushed the FP4 to 200 and went out for a walk.52 Rolls - week 32-I shot with the 50mm f1.8 which shoots reasonably close, well close enough for what I was trying to achieve anyway.52 Rolls - week 32--852 Rolls - week 32--4I must admit FP4 is not my goto B&W film mainly due to it not being as…

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