First roll shot in 2021 … Kodak Ektar in the Mamiya 645 …

I imagine that quite a few photographers have struggled during the pandemic to find motivation and opportunity to shoot.

So far this year I have managed 3 rolls which is pretty poor by my usual standard.

I was going through my film stash looking for something that may give me some motivation to get out and shoot.

I realised that I have quite a few rolls of Ektar and the day was quite bright so I loaded up my Mamiya and went out for a walk with my better half.

Even though it was a lovely day I struggled to really shoot anything that pleased me, there was one or two on the roll that were ok but overall this was a poor roll.

Somehow I only ended up with 13 frames, I did manage to accidentally fire off a frame while bending down but where the other one went is a mystery as I shot 15.

It must be old age as I missed focus on 3 frames and had a little camera shake both of which are unusual with the Mamiya, I can easily hand hold at 1/30th usually.

I developed the roll using the Tetenal C41 kit and scanned with the Epson v500

Well here is my 1st roll of 2021 in all its glory …

All images on my blog are available as prints just drop me an email

I also have a film only blog over at if you want a peek

3 thoughts on “First roll shot in 2021 … Kodak Ektar in the Mamiya 645 …”

  1. When we were in lockdown last year I didn’t shoot much. The lab was closed anyway so I would have had to wait a while. Our lockdown was very severe, one of the reasons why we have avoided most of the pain of this plague, and for two months I went to the supermarket once a fortnight, and we exercised in the nearby park most days, but otherwise did not leave the house. I think I might have shot one roll of film. We are able to travel freely within the country now, which is great, but our trip to visit my wife’s family in Wales is off for this year. Probably for the next five years or more. We will all be glad when we come out the other side of this. Great photos though, that’s the beauty of photography, you freeze time. Even if it is a time you might otherwise want to forget.

  2. Tim,
    I’m curious.
    I’m a casual viewer of this blog, but I like what I see, being an expatriate Welshman now living in West Texas.
    It helps me to keep in contact with parts of the country I left over 35 years ago (born and raised in Gwent).
    Out of curiosity, I looked at the other site you mention (at the end of this post), ‘Using Film”.
    You have posted identical images on that, only you refer to them as having come from your Mamiya 645 camera.
    Did you take both cameras with you on the walk? (LOL)

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